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We enjoy helping you to help the local community.

Montañita Spanish School currently has the following volunteering options available:

Futuro Valdivia

Medical volunteering in coastal Ecuador is an excellent option for those wanting to experience the hands on, limited technology approach of third world medicine. You will find it enriching, rewarding and inspirational and go home with a better understanding of the difficulties associated with providing healthcare with very limited resources.

From day one you will be working side by side with local doctors and nurses, using your medical skills as they complete their daily tasks. You will have plenty of direct patient contact and the opportunity to participate in house visits as well as working in the lab and pharmacy. What makes Montañita a truly great medical volunteering experience is the level of patient interaction and the willingness of your supervisors to share their knowledge and skills. Both of which will contribute immeasurably to your professional development. Whilst developing your medical skills by gaining hands on experience you also will be making a real difference to the life quality of our impoverished rural community.

Futuro Valdivia is a non-profit medical centre located in San Pedro, only a 20 minute bus ride away from Montañita. The centre was completely renovated in 2010 and thus received modern equipment. Throughout the year, the centre maintains a mix of experienced local doctors and medical volunteers from universities all over the world, which creates a very nice environment to work in. The centre is organised and provides different medical programs for the local community. They provide care in general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology and cardiology.


There is a minimum medical volunteering period of 4 weeks, which must be done alongside our Medical Spanish program.

To ensure that the assistance we give our medical partners is worthwhile and ethical, we have a few requirements that medical volunteers need to meet. You will therefore need to send us a copy of your CV, which should cover the following:

  • Area of studies or Profession (E.g., medical student, dental student, EMT, nurse etc.) Years of experience in your healthcare related profession. If you are a student, please indicate your course of study, your current year of study and your anticipated year of graduation. The school or university where you are currently studying or have studied.
  • The reason you wish to participate in our Medical Volunteering Program; letter of interest to cover any Academic requirement for studies, professional interests or personal goals
  • Areas of interest and which area you would prefer to do your rotation (E.g. Family practice. General medicine, obstetrics/gynaecology, paediatrics, medical team, home visits, etc.)
  • Your current level of Spanish

When we have received satisfactory personal information, we then need an official letter of recommendation from your dean, supervisor, or sponsor stating that you are in good standing and that you are being recommended to participate in our Medical Volunteering program.

Once you have satisfactorily completed the above, and there is availability, your volunteer placement will be confirmed. You will then receive a volunteer agreement that will need to be signed and returned to our volunteer coordinator before your arrival. When you arrive in Montañita you will need to bring a few things with you:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your medical insurance card
  • Scrubs (two sets and if possible a stethoscope)

Medical Volunteer options and requirements



The primary and secondary school in Montañita has about 370 students aged 4-16 years old. There are chances for you to get involved in sport or art classes, supplementing books, coming up with games and activities which will help the students with their skills and as an English speaker you can even help teaching, particularly in speaking.



This is the only coastal aquarium in Ecuador to which people bring injured and stranded animals from all up and down the coast. They have begun an Ecological Kids Club that meets at the aquarium in the afternoons and gives the local kids a fun, educational space to hang out after school. It is even possible to combine the Aquarium with the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente which enables you to have an insight into both projects.


Ministerio de ambiente

This is an educational and aid project in Valdivia. Here you will be assigned a supervisor with whom you can organise workshops in any area that you consider as meaningful regarding animal aid. You can help to protect turtle eggs, help clean the beach, help animals, and come up with your own ideas and different field tasks that you are interested in. It is even possible to combine the Aquarium with the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente which enables you to have an insight into both projects.


Hogar de niños

Come and bring joy to the children in the orphanage in Olón. Here you can organise activities, play with the kids and help them with their homework and with feeding. This project is amazingly worthwhile because not only do you take some stress off the staff helping them to take care of the children, but you also share your valuable skills and education with children who really need your help. They will love to have you there as their new friend.


General Information

When volunteering, you will have 2 or 4 hours of private classes every day, either in the mornings or the afternoons, depending on your volunteering times. With 2 hours of Spanish classes you can also add surf lessons to your schedule if you wish to do so. Yoga and or salsa are both also possible additionally.

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