At our school you have the opportunity to combine learning Spanish with other great activities! Learn how to surf or improve your strength, balance and flexibility with yoga. You could even participate in a volunteer project while taking the Spanish classes. Find out what other programs we offer below.


Montañita is famous for surfing, as it provides the very best waves and weather all year round. No matter your surfing ability, you will be able to learn and have fun on the coast of Montañita. There are busier points where the crowds gather, as well as quiet areas where you can practice in peace.

We have excellent surf instructors who will take you out in small groups to one of the best surf spots in the area. We cater to all ability levels, so don’t feel shy and give surfing a try! Outside of lessons students can also rent our boards directly from the school’s surf shop at daily or weekly rates.
We have surf lessons from monday to friday, the times of the schedule changes with the tides of the sea.



At the school, we have yoga classes from Monday till Friday after class. You can learn Vinyasa yoga alongside your Spanish studies, which will really help to keep you motivated and energized. The classes take place on the roof of the school, providing unbelievable views across the beach and the ocean, where our excellent yoga teacher will be able to help you ease off while you watch the sun set.



If you are interested in giving back to the community, taking part in some of our volunteering activities is a great way to do this. We have 5 volunteer locations where you can help out as a volunteer.

Montañita Escuela

You can help out at Montañita Escuela Primaria y Secundaria, where you will be able to work with students aged 4-16, getting involved with their classes and helping them to learn while learning yourself too. You will teach the kids and they will teach you – it’s a win-win!

Hogar de niños

At Hogar de niños, you can really have an impact on the orphans and can have fun with them through some games and even help them with their homework. You will become friends with all of the kids, and it will really help the staff out too who work round the clock to look after them.

Acuario Valdivia

If you would rather be around some wildlife, the Acuario Valdivia Aquarium is perfect for you. You will be able to help all of the local children to have some fun while learning about some of the great animals that call the aquarium home.

Ministerio del Ambiente

At the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente you can also get involved with wildlife, as you will be able to gain some first-hand experience helping clean up the beach and help all of the animals that live there.

San Pedro Valdivia Clinic

There is a private medical clinic in San Pedro called Futuro Valdivia, where you can really help out some of the doctors there and meet some really great people.

In terms of volunteering criteria, you must do a minimum of 2 weeks alongside your Spanish lessons, and there are different ways to approach this to get an experience with more than one of the volunteering projects.



Are you ready to learn kitesurfing? Or are you already a kitesurf fanatic and ready to jump some waves in Ecuador? We know the perfect spot!

Santa Mariantita is the best beach in Ecuador to practice kite surfing. It is located just outside the city of Manta and has perfect conditions for almost all year around. The kite surf season here in Ecuador is between April and December.


Close to this beautiful kitesurf spot is Manta, our partner school. Here you will have classes in the morning and in the afternoon we will take you to the beach for the kitesurfing. The combination of learning Spanish in the morning hours and getting your hair wet and windy in the afternoon is the perfect way to enjoy your stay in Ecuador.

At the beach you will do the internationally recognized IKO course. There are different levels of kitesurf classes. To find out more please click on the button below.



Explore Ecuador while learning Spanish and experience fun and exciting adventures in 4 different places.

The Traveling Classroom is an exceptional 4 week program designed for those with an adventurous spirit who are looking to explore both the language and places that make Ecuador such a great destination.

The traveling classroom visits 4 completely different locations. The first stop is Quito, the capital of Ecuador.
From there you can choose between option A: the jungle or option B: Cuenca.
The 3rd week will take place in Manta and the last stop is Montañita.

If you want to read more about our traveling classroom, click on the button below.



Have you always dreamed of taking some time to improve your Spanish skills? During our Bildungsurlaub program you will have the opportunity to professionally develop your Spanish skills and enjoy the small surf town of Montañita while you are at it!

We offer Spanish language courses with educational leave recognition for different levels from beginner to advanced. We are recognized by the following states:
Hamburg, Niedersachsen

Your options regarding Bildungsurlaub would be to take a one-week course which equals 5 days per calendar year or you can take a two-week course that equals to 10 days of two years combined.

During the course it is required to follow 6 hours of Spanish lessons every day. You can choose between 4 hours of group classes and 2 additional hours of private classes, or 6 hours of private classes.

E-mail us for more information.



When you are in Ecuador you must not miss out on the Galapagos Islands! On these beautiful islands you’ll find some of the world’s most precious wildlife.

You can save a lot of money with our private tours, and there are plenty of options from which to choose. We have options for all budgets, and you will be able to check out reviews to see which is best for you.