Next to our school in Montanita, we have a school in Manta. Also we work together with the Spanish schools in Cuenca, Quito and a school in the jungle, Ahuano. You can read more about these schools on this page.


A picturesque and important port on the Pacific Ocean, Manta is located in a dry tropical forest with an average temperature of 25 degrees C (77 F). Manta is still largely untouched by non-Ecuadorian tourism and is an ideal place to taste the real Ecuador, and the real people.

Manta has a famous beach and is becoming a fantastic destination for both surfing and kitesurfing. Just 20 minutes from Manta is one of the best (and affordable) locations in the world to kitesurf — Santa Marianita. For this reason, our Manta Spanish Language School also offers a range of extra activities including surfing and kitesurfing packages and an excellent volunteer program with a paediatric clinic or a school for children with disabilities.



Learn Spanish in Quito. The colonial capital of Ecuador stands majestically amongst the snow-capped mountain of the Andes. Quito is a fantastic destination with a stunning UNESCO historical centre, plazas, parks and vibrant nightlife. Quito is the stepping off point to the Otavalo indigenous markets, Cotopaxi National park, and even the centre of the world! Our school in Quito is a great place to learn Spanish. Intensive Spanish courses are also offered as well as several themed courses such as medical Spanish and volunteering.


Our Cuenca Language School is situated in the historic centre of this UNESCO World Heritage Site high up in the Sierra. Here you can enjoy an abundance of art and museums based in old colonial buildings and there are regular cultural and musical events to attend. Nearby are the magnificent 275 lakes and natural reserves that make up the famous Cajas National Park, as well as the archeological site of Incapirca.

In Cuenca, you have the option to combine your Spanish classes with either our volunteering program, or our cultural program, full of outdoor activities accompanied by your teacher giving you a full immersion in Ecuadorian culture.



Waking up being surrounded by nature birds and sunshine will give you the perfect energy you need for a full day of teaching English and learning Spanish. The newly built eco-lodge has been designed to make you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. You can choose to share yours with other Spanish students/volunteers or you can choose to have more privacy and have a private room. Please inquire at booking.

Learning Spanish in the most bio diverse area of the Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest colors this week. You will stay in a shared dorm and full board, while following group Spanish classes. Our school in the jungle promotes a sustainable balance between indigenous communities, traditional cultural values and a national environment.

During your week in the Jungle you will tube in the river, build your own raft and use it to go down the river, trekking to discover the Island of birds and wonderful vegetation, visit indigenous communities where you use a blowgun and drink a traditional Chicha drink. You can participate in the cultural activities such as gold washing and artisanal fishing. Some weeks we also visit the Amazonian Animal rescue centre.