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Montañita is a funky beach town with excellent surfing and a charming atmosphere. The town has grown constantly over the last few years and is now THE place to hang out on the coast. Although still small, it is a booming beachside retreat attracting both international and domestic travellers. The atmosphere makes it a great place to learn Spanish on the beach in Ecuador, meet other travellers and practice and perfect your Spanish with the local community.

Street culture thrives in the Montañita village and the two main roads are lined with outdoor cafes, cocktail venders and artisans. The food is delicious and affordable – whether you taste the arepas, choclos and ceviche from the street venders or going to restaurants with the best chefs in Ecuador. There is a great selection of pancakes and tropical fruits for breakfast and fantastic fresh seafood for the rest of the day. These can mainly be found in breakfast alley.
When wanting to go on a night out, mostly the evening starts at cocktail alley where you can find many different little, local cocktail stands. Afterwards there are different clubs to choose from.

On top of this, Montañita is a town filled with things to do. Why not try surfing? Montañita is the best location in Ecuador and holds many international competitions. Or perhaps you would like to scuba dive? With many local dive sites including the famous Isla de la Plata or ‘Poor Man’s Galapagos’ rich with wild life at a fraction of the cost, not far away the diving is also world class. Then there is Agua Blanca, an extremely important and interesting archaeological site with an interesting history of the Pre-Colombian Era. Being located on a coastline that seems to go on forever there are dozens of stunning beaches close by to walk, swim or ride horses including Playa Frailes, known as the most beautiful beach in Ecuador. Puerto Lopez is a great traditional fishing port and is world famous for its whale watching as they migrate past us July - September. The activities are endless. Hopefully you’ll have enough time to see it all.