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All our students enjoy our outstanding activity programme that is put together specifically for them and is very flexible to suit each group of students individually.

Some of our extracurricular activities take place on a daily basis such as: Surfing, Salsa and Yoga. Additionally, our interns put together a weekly changing after-school activity programme for the whole month and therefore our students get to freely create their leisure time.

Every Monday evening, we organise a welcome dinner for all students where we welcome new students, and everyone can get to know each other. For this festive we select one of our favourite restaurants here in town.

Our activities are very varied so that there is an activity for every taste. Often, they are sportive such as ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball, football matches or pool tournaments but we also like to contribute to protect our environment by organising beach clean ups with a cosy bonfire in the secret bar afterwards. Wednesdays could be any of the mentioned activities or it could be a movie night or a cooking class.

Every second Friday we organise a Parrifiesta which is one of our students’ favourite activities. Our Parrifiesta is takes place at the cabañas and includes a delicious BBQ, of course also catering vegetarians, an entertainment and amazing games. The games could also be wet games entirely in the pool.

Every second Saturday we go on our famous surf trip where we enjoy a whole day of surfing, relax, play beach games and of course snack and have lunch.

Additional to all that we also organise weekend trips to Baños, Cuenca, Quito, the Jungle or other places that students want to go to on long weekends due to bank holidays. Apart from weekend trips, occasionally, we organise day trips to Isla de la Plata, other national parks and beaches and the mud bath or to a big football match in Guayaquil. Also, Tuesdays is Jacuzzi night where we enjoy our warm hot tub in the cabañas.

You cannot wait to come and join us? We understand and cannot wait to meet you!