Our school building is perfectly designed for optimal learning conditions. We have classrooms both indoors and outdoors, including in our beautiful garden and on our rooftop with an overlooking view of the ocean. There is free coffee, tea, and drinking water available for you all day long to keep you hydrated and energized.

Meet...Our Family

The heart of the Montañita Spanish School! Our team is like a family and it doesn’t take long before you feel completely at home here.

The school has 6 Spanish teachers with years of experience. With their professionalism, approachability, and linguistic skill you will be a Spanish speaker in no time!

Also, the rest of our staff, Lionel our general director and all the way from the Switzerland and our wonderful interns will make sure that your stay will be a memorable one!












Montañita Spanish School was founded by Warwick “Waz” White. His guiding vision states that “learning a different language is one of the best ways to learn about the world.” Currently the school is owned by Manuel and Jacqui, who combine leadership from both their Ecuadorian and New Zealand backgrounds.
We are a professional small language school located at the top of Montañita. With eight Ecuadorian teachers, we educate students from all over the world. We teach students of all levels from basic survival Spanish to conversational and professional fluency. Of course, all with a smile!
You’re this close to meeting everyone! As you might already know, our school loves organizing activities, such as BBQ’s, surf trips, yoga classes, welcome dinners, trips around Ecuador and bonfire parties. All those activities and many questions are arranged and answered by our friendly interns who also come from around the world. Our interns live in the cabanas with many of our students and are always helpful for whatever questions or concerns they might have during their stay. It’s impossible to be bored when you’re with one of our interns!
Finally, our instructors: our instructors are always super motivated and eager to take you to their classes and share their dedication with you. Our surf instructor Jorge and our salsa instructor Ambar Are you prepared to become a surf-fanatic, super flexible with yoga or shake your legs during salsa by following our classes?