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Spanish & Kitesurfing

Kite Surfing is the new, amazing water sport. Imagine zipping along the sea, under the power of the wind or even jumping the waves and flying in the air. It’s all possible. Santa Mariantita is the best beach in Ecuador to practice kite surfing. It is located just outside the city of Manta and has perfect conditions for almost all year around. The kite surf season here in Ecuador is between April and December. However even outside the wind season you will encounter windy days that will blow your mind of kitesurfing. The combination of learning Spanish in the morning hours and getting your hair wet and windy in the afternoon is the perfect way to enjoy your stay in Ecuador.

The kite surf spot is next to Manta so the Spanish classes will take place in Manta at our partner school. Spanish Classes will always been given in the morning and we will bring you to the beach with our transport in the afternoon for the kite surf classes. At the beach you will do the internationally recognized IKO course. We offer three different levels of courses for the following prices.

Level 1 contains of 8 hours of kite surf classes for 350 USD
Level 2 contains of 8 hours of kite surf classes for 320 USD
Level 3 contains of 6 hours of kite surf classes for 250 USD


Spanish + kitesurf includes:
-       2 weeks of Spanish course comprising 20 hours per week group or 15 hours private
-       10 hours (2 hours daily) of Kiteboarding Basic course (Level I)
-       All the equipment provided
-       Personalised instruction
-       Lodging with a host family (private room, 2 meals and laundry service)
-       Or shared apartment accommodation

What you will cover during the level 1 kite surf class
-       Basic knowledge / understanding of the wind
-       Equipment parts and set-up
-       Security systems
-       Practice with the trainer kite
-       Raising the kite in the correct position
-       Four lines kite, inflatable
-       Neutral points and power zones
-       Self rescue
-       Body dragging- practicing, controlling the kite in the water
-       Re-launching- taking the kite out of the water
-       Exercises on the sand
-       Practice using the board on the water

For prices regarding classes and accommodation in Manta please click here.

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