About us

Montanita Spanish School was founded by Warwick “waz” white. His strong vision states that “Learning a different language is one of the best ways to learn about the world”.  Currently, the school is owned by Jacqui and Manuel, they combine visions from both Ecuadorian and Kiwi ground.

We are a professional small language school located at the top of Montanita. With ten Ecuadorian teachers, we educate students from all over the world. We teach students of all levels from basic Spanish to survive while travelling, to advanced students. Of course, all with a smile!

To add, something about their way of teaching. As Ronny – our director – once said ‘Everyone is happy in Ecuador’, that’s exactly how we teach our classes! In the morning we start with grammar class, then more fun in the afternoon. Learning Spanish while playing games, talking, cooking or even going to the beach! 

Our teacher Karen – who’s been teaching many students - would love to share her favorite story with you. “I was travelling around Europe by train. One day, I was travelling through The Netherlands when I felt somebody staring at me. Trying to ignore it, I felt really uncomfortable. After some time, the guy came to me and started to talk to me. He even knew my name! What happened? Well, I’ve been his teacher at the Spanish school, how ‘Chevre’ [Ecuadorian word for cool] it is to find my students back all across the globe?!
Our school is managed by three lovely managers. Ronny, Antonio and Gijs. They make sure that everything is arranged, booked and functioning. Ronny is very committed to our volunteering and homestay programs. He knows everything of every family and charity organization, while always seeking a helping hand from our international students.

Gijs, our financial director is from The Netherlands. All the way from Europe, he’s here to assist us. As a true surf-fanatic, here is one of his Ecuadorian surf experiences “I was having a great morning surf session on Christmas day. Conditions were already a Christmas gift, glassy and sunny, but the best Christmas gift was yet to come. A complete school of Dolphins past by just a few meters away from me!”

You are not far away from meeting everyone! Our school also loves organizing many activities, such as BBQ’s, surf trips, yoga classes, welcome dinners, trips around Ecuador and bonfire parties. All those activities and many questions are arranged and answered by our freindly interns. Normally, we have interns from all over the world, to work with us for 6 months. A total win-win situation for all of us.

Finally, our instructors. Are you prepared to become a surf-fanatic or either super flexible by following yoga classes? Our two instructors are always happy to take you to their classes. Our surf instructor Antonio, and our Yoga instructor Nicque.





Montanita Spanish school voted by the Language Industry as one of the top 5 Spanish schools worldwide (STAR awards 2009)
Montanita Spanish School
Address: Via Principal, en la montaña 50 metros antes del Paradero de buses (On the main street, on the hill 50 meters before the bus stop).
Telephone: from abroad: (593-4) 2060116 - in country: (04) 2060116
Cell: from abroad: (593-9) 99184735 / in country: (09) 99184735
email us at info@montanitaspanishschool.com
In loving memory of our founder and inspiration: Warwick White